Sunday, 21 April 2013

Presenting the worst Instagram photos yet

Images from my Instagram.

If there was a prize for worst trio of Instagram photos in the world, these photos would make me an instant winner. Blurry, crooked photos... What's not to like? Honestly though, I spared you from even worse photos. Earlier today I uploaded a photo from Tesco. What a treat for all my followers. 

I aim to make this post short and sweet. This week I went back to university and it was nice to actually get out and meet people again. (Who doesn't like a reason to have to brush your hair in the mornings?) On Tuesday I wasn't in Belfast however, instead I went for lunch with a friend and then we had a look around the shops. I accidentally bought a bag which made me feel angsty for four days but now I've gotten over it. Everyone needs a treat in a while. On Thursday this month's Glossybox arrived and I loved it. I keep deciding to not renew my subscription when it's done and then they do something like throwing in a full bottle of Essie nail polish in a shade I really wanted. Oh well, I'll just stay for a little while longer then... 

On Friday I went to Belfast and when I was on my way back I talked to Steve's mom who asked if I wanted to stop by a castle where she and Steve's dad were having lunch. I did, and then they bought me lunch (plus cake!) Yesterday I did some work on my thesis (it's so close to done now!) and then me and Steve had take-away and watched TV together. Today I spent the entire day finishing a piece of coursework that I've been postponing since before Easter and apart from a quick grocery shop, I haven't left the house. I literally only finished it an hour ago. All in all, it feels like I had a productive week, totally uncharacteristic for me.

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