Friday, 12 April 2013

Recent Ebay purchases or How To Not Model In Photos

Last Sunday I mentioned how obsessed I've become with Ebay. Over the course of four days I bought four items and at the moment I'm selling one. I have more things to sell but because I've never sold before I thought I'd start off with one thing and see if I learn anything along the way. There is currently one bid on my shoes but I'm kind of hoping the bidding will take off tonight.

Unfortunately I'm going to have to sell two of the items that I bought even though they were the two that I was looking forward to the most (and felt like I really needed). A cream blazer that I bought is slightly too big for me so that's a shame. I live in my blazers most of the time and love them but the ones I have are in very dark colours and I needed a nude/cream one for this summer, especially for the evenings. I also bought a pair of nude heels which I've been looking for forever, but they're too small. I'm perplexed. I wear a size 38 all the time, without fail. This is a size 5 in the UK and they've always fit me but this is the second pair of this type of shoe that have been too small. I had a good look at my feet today and realised that the issue might be with the shape of my feet. They seem to be too wide around the toes? So the issue starts when I try to put my foot into the shoe, my toes just won't fit in the top part. If I use some serious force I can squeeze them in, but one of my toes end up being crushed, pleading for me to just end its life. I don't know whether a size 6 will give them more room and if they do, will my heels just slip around at the top? Maybe I should just accept the fact that I will never be able to wear that particular type of shoe.

That was a long, moany paragraph. No worries, here's pictures of the two items that I will definitely keep.

A pair of black, strappy (low) heels that I think will look great in the summer. (In size 5, may I add). And a pair of jeans that are slightly more pink/peach in reality but they look really bright in this photo. I do apologise for that second photo, I was desperately trying to take a few pictures in the only bright room in this house but it has a huge window and my neighbor kept staring at me as I was running back and forth between the self-timer and the designated posing area. I panicked, took three photos of myself and then shut down the modelling operations. Clearly posing is not my forte and all photos but this one came out blurry. What's going on with my feet? Why are they always ridiculously red at the bottom and blue at the top? Why are they a size 5 length-wise but shaped like duck feet? Can anything be done about that? 


  1. Okey, totally gonna admit that I'm lazy and basically just watched through the pictures here on the front page. The shoes were really cute, and I must say you look wicked skinny! I want to look like that too! I don't think you need to excercise like you mentioned that you want to in my blog, haha. At least you don't need to for improved looks! Also, you should get your ass back to Sweden for a visit - just saying!

    1. Haha, are you not reading my very important blog posts?!! Thanks, it's nice to hear that I look skinny but I basically look the same as always in real life... Wanna start exercising to get strong and fit though, not for looks!

      Not coming home until Christmas :( Get over here?