Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Spring clothes wishlist

I'm currently supposed to be in work-mode, because I'm very close to being finished with my thesis. Obviously I spent an hour looking at clothes instead. For the past few months I've been keeping a little document where I scribble down things that I want, and it's interesting to tick off any of the things that I get or remove things that I realise that I don't want at all (this happens more often than it should). I decided to do a little visual compilation of the type of clothes that I currently want. They're not very adventurous, it's just a couple of items that I think would look nice for spring. (Not all together at once though, that would look a bit crazy.)

1 from the Cambridge Satchel Co.
2 from Oasis.
3 from Jcrew.
4 from Topshop.
5 from Zara.
6 from Mango.

Most of these are not in my price range. Maybe they are in yours? Happy shopping!

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