Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Summer wishlist - coral theme

I currently have a desperate need for shopping. It's not good you guys, because I am very poor. When looking at the wishlist that I'm currently housing (it is far too full), I noticed a pattern. There's an awful lot of coral items on it. I'm thinking it's possibly due to the unusually nice weather (I've spent the past two days bundled up in four layers of clothing in our garden, enjoying it anyway because the sun was out), because I've been reading this beauty blog too much and maybe also because Mad Men season 6 is imminent. Truth to be told, I'm not even sure coral as a shade suits me. I'd be happy to find out though.

I love Rimmel nail polishes, they last longer on my nails than a lot of the more expensive ones. Can be found here and here. The jeans are actually described as "salmon" rather than coral, but I think they'd go nicely with the other stuff, right? Revlon lip butters happens to be one of my favourite lip products ever, simply because I'm a coward so I can't deal with lipstick on a casual day. I want this tutti frutti version! It looks awfully pink in this photo, but I'd love a coral tube skirt to wear out with high heels and a cropped top or dressed down with knits. Lastly, I have never tried a cream blush which is why my heart is slowly convincing my brain that this is a necessary buy. In total this wish list adds up to £57.19. Let's just not get Steve a birthday present this year... 

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