Sunday, 28 April 2013

The week I finally finished my thesis and became normal again

What's going on? I've uploaded a lot of pictures on Instagram this week (9). In fact, more than one a day which is craziness considering it's me and I have like four followers. Celebrating this with six pictures rather than three.

This week was thesis week, it was due in on Friday and I handed it in binded with black spiral and looking smashing if I say so myself. (Do you also get that thing where you spend so much time with e.g. coursework that your perceptions of things are altered? Like a while ago I created a graph that I was very pleased with and caught myself thinking 'that's a pretty sexy graph'. I need an intervention.)

On Monday I went for breakfast with my friend Kathryn before class and I had french toast goodness with bacon and maple syrup. On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I stayed at home and finished my thesis. I actually finished writing it on Tuesday, but it took another two days to double-check the whole thing. I refused to look at it again ever since I handed it in because I'm terrified of realising that I've actually made tons of mistakes in my final version.

On Friday I went to class and in the evening I went out for cocktails as a treat for finally getting the thesis done. Me and Steve went for lunch yesterday. The rest of the weekend I've been working on a presentation for tomorrow and yesterday I studied outside in the lovely weather! I didn't wear any sunscreen however and that was utter stupidity. My knees got burnt (only my knees though, whaat?). Lets be honest, I'm just happy that something in my life happened that isn't connected to food or thesis, even if it's red, itchy skin.

Next week I'm looking forward to wrapping up the last of my coursework (ever) before exams and then it's Steve's birthday on Saturday. I love birthdays, even more so when they're not mine.

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