Saturday, 6 April 2013

Updating my bedside tables or How To Not Paint Furniture

I wouldn't call myself crafty. Or even particularly creative or remotely capable of thinking outside the box. I'm also not very patient and I don't like to have to think my home improvements through. So on Thursday morning, as I was browsing through Pinterest (let's face it; I bet about 95% of failed crafts happened after a leisurely browse on Pinterest and the words "Hey, building my own coffee table doesn't look difficult at all") and sadly thinking of all the things that I want to fix in my home. Like the fact that we've been using these IKEA Frosta stools as bedside table for three months now. Steve hates these plywood miracles but I think they are brilliant. I told him as I stacked two of them in our IKEA trolley that they would be useful and they are. As we can't afford bedside tables right now. A sidenote: How can bedside tables be so expensive? They seem to be at least £30 in most places and a lot of people need two. Suddenly the cost is about equal to our bed. (Almost.) I've resigned myself to just look for second-hand tables but I haven't found anything that I like yet.

So naturally I thought "I should just paint those bad boys".

Here's a warning: This is not a post designed to guide people, because I did virtually everything wrong (knowingly). This is just me wanting to show off what a difference I thought they made once they had been painted. Here are the Frosta stools before painting, next to my bed in its natural environment and outside.

I sanded the stools just in case there were any imperfections and then I lifted them outside. I briefly considered priming them with some sort of wood primer but thought "I'm going to paint them with leftover wall paint - it's not like these will last very long anyway". So I carried them outside since it was nice weather and so that paint fumes wouldn't kill me inside. This is a bad idea by the way, because if it's windy small grains of dirt will fly through the air and literally seek that paint out. Once you realise, you'll have to quickly move the half-painted stool back indoors whilst desperately hoping that the stools aren't touching your favourite pair of jeans. (Because obviously you didn't change before painting either. Takes too long.) I painted the stools, waited a day because of other commitments (but they were dry after about two hours) and then painted them again. I'm so pleased with the pop of colour they brought to our bedroom.

Our bedroom is mainly in neutral colours whilst I'm waiting for the opportunity to buy curtains that I like and can afford, and I felt like this really made a difference. I used wall paint by Crown (called "Boutique" I think) because we have a bunch of small sample tins that we bought when we were deciding on what colour to have in our hallway. They won't last, but for a DIY that literally took me about 45 minutes of actual work, I don't mind. It goes without saying, if these pieces had been expensive I wouldn't have tempted this!

A last picture of our bed plus Frosta stools in all its gloriousness is necessary. Sorry about the messy look, I just can't a bed made for more than about half an hour in the morning.

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