Tuesday, 21 May 2013

10 reasons to smile 13.0

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one - I went out running yesterday because I managed to find my other running shoe. (Did you miss out on the missing shoe-drama? Short story: I found one running shoe in Steve's parents' garage but not the other one. It was under the sink in our utility room. Why? No idea.) I'm following the 8 week running schedule so I'm only on week 1 and I probably could've jumped straight on to week 2 or even 3, but I like easing myself into things.*

two - My May Glossybox arrived today and it was pretty good. Two good boxes in a row? Glossybox is on fire. My favourite was a Nails Inc nail polish in a coral red colour called Portobello which I have been lusting after for quite a while. I only did my nails last night so I'm gonna have to wait a week before I try this one.

three - Ten days left until Steve gets paid. Have I mentioned we have no oil for our heating?

four - Two and a half weeks until my birthday! I'm a child when it comes to birthdays, I love them. What is up with my age though? (I'm turning 23.) Only a year left and then I'll officially be in the "mid-twenties" rather than "early twenties". Should I not be mature? Should I not be avoiding buying chocolate flavoured cereal for breakfast by now?**

five - I think I have mastered the art of fake tanning. (Me and tanning have a longstanding mutual hate of each other, a history full of streaky, orange lines and disgusting smells.) The solution: Jergens Daily Moisturizer for the face (more on this wonder product some other time) and Garnier Summerbody Lotion for the body. So absolutely nothing to do with skill on my part.

six - I have one exam left and although it's on a Saturday which has got to be against some sort of law, I can't wait to get it over with. Has anyone else noticed how great I am at blogging when I am under the pressure of exams?

seven - Lately I've been trying to make an effort to pamper myself (with the few means that I have). That means Mondays are reserved for my feet and nails. Foot bath, scrub and the thickest out of moisturisers are involved. Lovely.

eight - As I dove into Steve's parents' garage on Sunday in order to find that shoe, I also managed to unearth three, giant cardboard boxes, a linen bag full of shoes and an IKEA bag with all sorts in it. (What can I say, we take our time unpacking.) I found lots of treasures; makeup products that I've barely even used, extra pillows, blankets, christmas decorations and such. It's like shopping with a meager selection of items.

nine - I have exciting plans. It's a little bit more than a month left until most of my family visits for my graduation + less than three months until me and Steve go to Malta. Yes, this has been mentioned in every single "10 reasons to smile post" since we booked it but these two events will most likely be the highlights of my summer and make up for not visiting Sweden this summer.

ten - In order to survive this five-week month, me and Steve resorted to selling a few things that we were planning on getting rid of anyway. This is a handy tip: If you have old electronic devices just lying about (e.g. an iPod Touch that hasn't been used since you got yourself an iPhone) then sell it to Cex. If it works and doesn't look too bad you may earn a decent amount. (Also, does anyone in Northern Ireland want a telescope? We have one up on Gumtree.)

*Despite the "easing in" I forgot to stretch one muscle group and today I can't lift my legs. I'm currently shuffling about the house sideways like a crab.

**I wrote this post about a year ago about grown-up things and the first one is to be drinking coffee at a table. Guess what? I drink coffee now, daily, and I own a table. Things are looking up for me. (I also refer to my friend who was then 24 years old as a 'real' grown-up which is frightening.)

(I wish I could link to last year's "happiness post" but unfortunately I didn't make one in May. Or June.)

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