Sunday, 12 May 2013

A weekend without internet or phones

All images from my Instagram. 

If there was such a thing as an award for having a calm week, this week would've smashed all other weeks. After last week's birthday bash and all-around craziness, I spent this week gently (oh so very gently) getting into revision and catching up on sleep. The only time I left the house was for a bank errand or two, plus lunch with a friend on Wednesday. (What can I say - I am obsessed with food. As evident by my second picture, honey mustard pork chops for dinner one day.) I also got my hair cut on Friday because my hairdresser had a special offer for highlights and a cut (and I had survived without either for fourteen weeks. My hair was practically suicidal.)

Me and Steve packed a few bags and headed to his parents' caravan on Friday evening. There is no internet at the caravan and very little reception anyway, but just to be certain that we wouldn't have any contact with the outside world we managed to forget both our phone chargers. There is something so surreal about having to go to sleep without checking Twitter, right? I'm surely not the only one who needs to check all social media to be able to go to sleep...? Fifteen years ago people like me would've been labelled crazy. Without modern technology we spent the weekend eating ice cream, playing games (the old school "guess who I am in twenty questions" kind) and watching the four working channels on TV. It was so nice. And this morning we had breakfast and then we sprinted to the car because we were starved for human contact. (We love each other etc etc and all, but there's only so many sessions of Twenty Questions you can play before you want to kill each other.)

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