Sunday, 5 May 2013

Birthday week

3 happy things:
- I finished Pretty Little Liars
- I got to use my grandmother's old tea set for Steve's party
- I hosted my first organised party ever in this house.

All images from my Instagram.

This week wasn't quite as snap-happy as last week's Instagram, and to be honest - most of my pictures are food related. What can I say? It was Steve's birthday and we served a lot of food. Ah yes, the main event of this week was Steve's birthday. I got him some clothes and a pair of headsets. He's easy to please. Most of the week was spent enjoying my last few days of university. When I say enjoy, the first thing on my list to do was a presentation on Monday afternoon for my statistics class. I'm not to keen on presentations anyway and I'm willing to bet a lot of money that statistics is one of the most difficult topics to try to make even slightly interesting. I didn't succeed. (But I did get some very good feedback from my lecturer afterwards.)

The rest of the week was spent working my last piece of coursework ever and also preparing a little for Steve's birthday which was yesterday. I made the happy birthday banner that can be seen in the first picture. Yeah. Impressive, I know. Once I had done it and hung it up I caught myself thinking "why did I spend hours on something that I could've bought for a pound in a shop?" And then I realised that my original plan was to add Steve's name to it. Forgot about that little detail. I also made cookies and cake, and sausages, pizza and cheese & bacon swirls for a little birthday party in the afternoon. Plus I had a cake from the bakery. His family showed up with another three cakes and buns, which was excellent since we had a birthday party with friends the same evening. I tried to encourage people to eat the leftovers but weirdly enough it's difficult to force people to eat all your cakes...

Today I'm functioning on 4,5 hours of sleep after deciding to clean the house after the last guest left at half six this morning. And I finished that last piece of coursework so I've treated myself to a piece of cake. A couple of times. Ignoring the slight pain in my heart (hangover and cake x 3?)  I'm feeling pretty content right now.

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