Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Spring makeup wishlist

So I realise that it wasn't very long ago since I posted my last wishlist which was all about clothes - but I want other stuff too. I'm very materialistic like that. (Sometimes I wonder if there's something wrong with me? I buy and I buy - or don't buy when money runs out - and yet I never stop yearning for more stuff.) It's unhealthy, that's what it is. I don't smoke or do lots of harmful drugs so maybe I'm allowed one or two unhealthy addictions. Today's wishlist is all about makeup and I'm not very good at that sort of thing. Luckily, tons of people on the internet are experts for me and so they basically tell me what I should want. And then I want it. Magic.

Presenting wishlist, now with commentary because I can't shut up.
1 from Clarins.
It's a primer, to go under my makeup. Say whaa'?! I didn't even know these existed until recently and then my friend gave me a sample of this and now I'm hooked. My skin gets so smooth that I just want to constantly stroke my cheeks. I don't even need Steve, I love myself so much with this primer.

2 from Soap & Glory.
This just looks like it would smell awesome since the description includes words like 'oats', 'almond' and 'honey' and incidentally I like to eat all those things too. Because I eat everything. The name cracks me up to, easily amused.

3 from Barry M in shades Grapefruit and Blackberry.
I bought a gel nail polish a while ago in Papaya and it didn't chip for four. full. days. Despite me banging my hands and arms into walls (accidentally) constantly. Although I was drooling around the nail polish section in Superdrug today and I couldn't even find the shade Grapefruit (that I couldn't remember the name of), which makes me think it must look very different on-screen than in real life.

4 from Rimmel.
The Kate Moss spring collection is out and I don't necessarily want this colour although it's nice, but now I want something... Peachy. The issue with the Revlon lip butters although I love them is that my lips are quite dark and so nothing light will show up on them. It's a job for a real lipstick, in other words.

5 from Real Techniques at Boots.
This is an expensive stippling brush. I don't even know what stippling means but everyone raves on about these brushes while I'm looking sheepish with foundation all over my grubby hands. Clearly this is how people get a "flawless finish" (ooh, such a bloggy expression) and if I own this and a primer I will have a "flawless finish" too.

6 from Topshop.
This is called Gleam. I've heard so much about highlighters from Topshop and in a fantasy world (which happens to be exactly where this wishlist is set) I could afford buying makeup from a store where I can barely afford the clothes.

7 from Fig+Arrow.
Out of all the products that I've listed, this is the most ridiculously expensive one. But don't you think we all need a body scrub that smells like cardamom and coffee? As you can tell, I'm all about products that smell like food, which says a lot about me.

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