Thursday, 16 May 2013

Spring stuff wishlist

Check it out, part three (out of three, no more wishlists for now because I'm not that greedy. Or maybe I am. In self-denial?) of my Spring wishlist series! If you have more than one of something - it's a series. I must be a terrible person for posting three wishlists and nothing on it is suitable to give me for my birthday. This is not a birthday list. It's just a random stuff list that doesn't include clothes or makeup. (Although, you can look at my clothes and makeup wishlist if you want to.) I am just a lover of lists and I am a lover of procrastinating during exams time. In my defense I've worked hard today, this list was made up ages ago and as I'm typing this it's Tuesday but as I've already posted ramblings about travelling I decided to schedule this post for Thursday instead. (I'm sincerely hoping that as this is being posted I am disconnected from this world and in the proper revision-zone.) 

Presenting the wishlist:

1 from Nespresso.
As grateful as I am for not living with Steve's parents anymore (they're the nicest but sometimes you just want your own place so you can wear pyjamas for a full day without anyone judging you) I ferociously miss their coffee machine. I actually borrowed it for Steve's birthday party and was very reluctant to giving it back the next evening. If they hadn't known about the loan already I would've hid it under my sink. Back to instant coffee for me and rightfully so for having such terrible thoughts.

2 from Magimix/John Lewis.
I am an ice cream fiend! I am also fond of making stuff that isn't difficult and then feeling proud of myself. Plus I am an avid Pinterester who pins lots of ice cream recipes. In short - this is a product made for me.

3 from B&Q.
So I never thought that I'd be lusting over stuff from a hardware store but I got a terrific pair (my only pair actually) of curtains from B&Q. As I was looking at the curtains my eyes wandered over to the next aisle and it's Steve's fault I'm not living in a cushion-filled blissfulness right now. Apparently we have "too many" cushions.

4 from Urban Outfitters.
I had dreamed about this chair for months before it showed up on the website. If that isn't fate, then what is? (It's a tragedy due to its £350 price tag. Cruel world.)

5 from Amazon.
This is probably the most random of the things on this list, but I used to paint quite a lot in my teenage years. The kind of painting where my parents would give the stuff I made to our relatives for their birthdays and they probably hated us. Anyway, I kind of miss it and I'd like to do something big and abstract for our house until we can afford nice things.

6 from Oka.
I want a couple of large, coloured glass bottles to stick branches and stuff into. May I just add that I have no intention of paying £24 for these considering that 1) I have no money anyway (recurring theme throughout these lists) and 2) I've found glass bottles at TK Maxx for £8-12 depending on the size.

The end of the Spring Wishlist Series. Technically, it's summer in less than a month so I'm sure I'll have new lists by then. I'm a terrible person. 

Also I apologise for the slightly frantic tone throughout this post. Too many cups of coffee in one day. 


  1. That chair is beautiful, such a great colour!
    I have had a little read through your blog and I really enjoyed your posts. Subscribing to see more :) x