Sunday, 26 May 2013

The last week of university

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It hasn't quite sunk in yet, that the university phase of my life is over and that this is not just a summer break before I go on to another year of studying. I guess technically I won't stop being a student until I graduate (or at least find out if I passed all my last year modules. If I don't pass them I can't graduate. That would be a bit anticlimactic.) Because I had my exam on the Saturday I spent most of this week revising because even I realise that for the last exam ever it is proper to put some effort in. Plus this exam was the "general exam". Is there anything more horrendous? An exam without a topic - it's just "general"?! As you may have noticed I also managed to blog a couple of times because getting loads of blogging inspiration when you really don't have time for it is right up my street. (You can bet I won't post as often now that I have nothing else to do.)

Apart from revising I also carried out my first week of running. I follow a running schedule and I know it works because I did the exact same schedule in 2011. Unfortunately after completing the schedule I then moved to Belfast and there is just something slightly off-putting about running when there's loads of students around. Or maybe there isn't for normal people but I'm really self-conscious when I go out running. (Rightfully so, I look like a maniac when running, flailing arms and all.) Running became such a chore in the city. At the moment I have all the time in the world so I can run weekday mornings when there's less people around and that is exactly how I want it. I've completed the first three runs this week and tomorrow I'm moving on to week 2. My goal is to become a health freak. Or at least semi-healthy. Anything healthier than this, really.

I haven't done much else this week. As soon as I came home from my exam yesterday I cleaned the entire house because it looked awful. Obviously all my cleaning is undone within a couple of hours because I live with Steve who is unable to comprehend the benefits of washing up after oneself. That's okay, the house is still in better shape than before. I wasn't going to go out because we are so low on money but later in the evening (at which point I had celebrated the end of my exams on my own with wine) a couple of friends picked me up and then we visited another friend. It was nice to get out because I do feel a little ambivalent about finishing university. I'm a typical school-lover and although I was soooo exhausted by essays and thesis and exams by the end of it.... You know. Let's be honest here. It's nice to have lie-ins and to receive a student loan for doing very little (in comparison to actual work). Goodbye student-life.

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