Sunday, 19 May 2013

This week: The odds of losing a shoe

At the start of this week I felt totally uninspired to take photos for Instagram. Nothing seemed photo-worthy (although really everything that I photograph is pointless and it has never stopped me before) and then the ABM photo edit app came out and suddenly everything seemed like it should be photographed and then decorated with pink doodles. I had to restrain myself. (My lemon cake picture is edited with the ABM app here.)

It was a week of revising and therefore also lots of procrastinating and reorganising around the home. So obviously, I now have a craft-drawer. Yeah, that's right. I can feel the envy streaming through the cyberworld. As we are a little poor I've also made an effort to make goodies out of the ingredients we have home rather than going to the shop and buying stuff; lemonade, lemon cake and eh, asparagus. (Asparagus! What a treat!) I actually buckled down and did some serious studying as well once or twice. On Friday I had my first exam and it went better than expected. Yesterday me and Steve had a relaxing evening and watched the Eurovision Song Contest. I was hoping for loads of images of the town hosting it, since I used to live so close to it and I was feeling like a session of hardcore nostalgia. However I was let down. Nobody wants to see Malmo.

Today we were called out to a rugby pitch where Steves' sister's family was setting up a giant tent to help. (A test-run for this summer, they're not camping there.) I spent the majority of the time entertaining Steve's niece and nephew because apparently there is such a thing as too many tent-builders on a rugby pitch. Lately I've also felt motivated to take up running again (I suddenly remembered there is a blog post on running that I wrote on my previous blog but I've forgotten what that blog was called) and today I finally got all my running gear out and sorted. Apart from my running shoes. I can't find my shoes. CORRECTION: I can find one shoe. The last few hours I've been digging through Steve's parents' garage and the second shoe is nowhere to be found. Disappointing, to say the least. Currently eating my way through the leftovers of the lemon cake and feeling sorry for myself. (What are the odds that you lose one shoe when you for once feel like doing exercise?!) One week of revision to go!

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