Tuesday, 18 June 2013

10 reasons to smile 14.0

My guest just went back home to Sweden and it's a little bit empty here. You know what that means? Happy post!

Warm Bodies.

one - I got my degree classification yesterday and I ended up getting a first! For people who are not from the UK; according to Wikipedia a first is usually the highest awarded level (some universities award even higher but I don't know if my university does) that you can get. I was really not expecting it at all for many different reasons and I was genuinely shocked when I saw my results. There may have been a bit of squealing and jumping going on in my kitchen when I saw it. How embarrassing.

two - As mentioned, my friend was here over the weekend and my family is arriving in nine days. The last few years I've felt like June was the worst out of the months of the year but this June started brilliantly with my birthday, extended days of celebrations and then lots of visitors. Ending the first half of 2013 on a high, in other words.

three - The combination of guests and the news of my degree results means that my cupboard is stacked full of chocolate that Steve and his parents provided as celebratory treats. I actually have more chocolate than I have normal food. (I'm not entirely sure if this is a reason for my waistline to be happy but I'm not gonna say no to chocolate for dinner.)

four - I watched Wreck-It Ralph on Sunday and Warm Bodies last night. Warm Bodies is right up my street - weird and romantic with a great soundtrack. Plus zombies. Who doesn't like romantic zombies? (In related news, go listen to M83 - Midnight City.)

five - Saturday night I drove through a drive-through at McDonalds. Yeah, I can't believe I survived it either. (I would also like to suggest that my friend Kathryn decides to go down the career route of recording calming statements for nervous drivers.)

six - Running is still going well, as evident by my latest running post. I started week 5 yesterday and although I several times wanted to lie down on the sidewalk and give up on life... I didn't.

seven - Steve gets paid in nine days.

eight - It's sunny outside.

nine - The weekend is already looking good as me and Steve are babysitting in exchange for a Chinese on Saturday and on Sunday I have planned an IKEA trip with old gift cards that I had forgotten about until now... Maybe I should inform Steve of these plans?

ten - As I've been visiting bragging about the little country I live in and entertaining my guest, I haven't had a chance to read blogs or watch youtube videos over the weekend. This means that I've built up a little backlog. Tonight I'm going to have a footbath and watch beauty videos all night long. It's sad but I love it.

Bonus-happiness-reason - It's less than two months left until we got to Malta. I realise that I'm obnoxious but... I can't help it.

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