Monday, 17 June 2013

A week full of treats

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First things first; this is going to be short because I don't have much time for blogging. Secondly, it's a day late because yesterday I most definitely didn't have any leftover time at all for a casual Sunday blogging experience. Overall it was a good week. I went to Steve's nieces' Sport's Day on Monday. I love the concept of Sports Day when you're an adult; You arrive and sit down on chairs, you watch children do lots of exercise and in between you eat buns and drink coffee/tea. It's amazing. Until you find out that apparently there are events for the parents afterwards and as I came as a substitute parent, I had to participate in a race. It was obvious that some of these parents took these races very seriously (sportswear, trainers - I had to run in jeans and with bare feet) but I feel like I could at least had gotten second place... If I hadn't tripped halfway through. My ego is still a little bit bruised.

Despite the fact that my birthday was last week, this week felt pretty special too. The two online orders that I had made with my birthday money arrived and I have now stocked up on cleanser, toner, lots of moisturisers, soap and a nail file. Also on Thursday my friend Kathryn took me out for an entire day dedicated to just spoiling me! (I don't mean to sound so full of myself. She really did go out of her way to make it an amazing day.) First we went to Boots and she bought me very sophisticated and blog-famous makeup brushes from Real Techniques (I've been wearing foundation everyday since just because I want to use the brushes). As if that wasn't enough, she then took me to the Merchant Hotel for a champagne afternoon tea. For people who are not from Belfast - this hotel is fancy. It's so fancy that I didn't dare raising my voice above a whisper for the first half hour and I had to peek at the table next to us to figure out what cutlery to use when. Apart from pink champagne we also got tea, little sandwiches and a selection of pastries and such. It was delicious. Kathryn wrote an in-depth post about it here that describes the whole afternoon far better than I ever could.

Later that day I found out that my friend Nicolette from Sweden had booked tickets to come and visit me! She's never been here before despite me constantly nagging about it and after sorting out some trouble with her passport she arrived Friday night. On Saturday we + Steve went to Lisburn where we visited a couple of shops and had a coffee. One of these shops was Cex and Nicolette was in heaven. (The last picture is of Nicolette picking out stuff that she wanted to buy. She then decided to restrain herself and put two things back. It was heartbreaking.) We then asked Nicolette if there was anything in particular that she wanted to see or do. "I'd like to go to KFC" she replied. Steve looked as if he had found his soulmate (which didn't bother me in the slightest I might add) and I agreed to eating greasy chicken for the sake of the majority of my company. Later that evening we went out and Nicolette got the chance to meet all of mine and Steve's friends which I'm sure was a trial but she handled it very well.

We slept in late yesterday and were supposed to take it easy until I found out that Belfast would be on lockdown today because of the G8 summit. Change of plans. We basically threw ourselves out the door to catch the next train to Belfast. It was a slightly surreal experience as Belfast felt nearly empty in comparison to the usual buzz and crowds. I showed Nicolette around the city centre and the Cathedral Quarters, we had coffee (and I forced Nicolette to try red velvet cake and caramel shortcake - she liked neither) and then we went to Primark. Primark is a must if you're going to the UK. When we got home we made dinner and then we watched Wreck-It Ralph which is soo good. Today we're taking it easy as she's going home tomorrow. I can't believe the weekend is already over. (I also can't believe I just managed to write this much within the time it takes for her to have a shower. Is she slow or am I really that quick?!)

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