Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Garden inspiration

Do you remember there was a time before I became clothes and makeup obsessed*, in which I wouldn't shut up about my house and all my grand plans for it? Spoiler-alert; If you click on the label 'new house', you will see proof of this, indeed there was a time when I nurtured all kinds of crazy ideas. You know what happens when you move into a house? First you quickly realise that half of all the ideas will not happen because they are impossible in the current situation and then you gradually run out of money. At first, not having any money for stuff for your home seems like the worst thing in this world but then you get used to it. And suddenly you do not care that there's four cardboard boxes in your guest room with things that need to be put on a shelf that you do not have. Or three paintings that are still not framed and hung up. Remember that TV we were supposed to put in our kitchen? It has temporarily been used as Steve's PC monitor since January. This has somehow become a long paragraph about nothing, but the surprising thing in midst of all this is that even whilst planning like a mad woman for my house I just never cared about my garden. Obviously, the past few days of actual sunny weather has changed this and the fact that I suddenly remembered that I have a gift card at IKEA. (Of course, today it started raining again, but my mind is still set on carrying out this BBQ-friendly transformation of our garden.)

Here's a rough layout of our garden. Oh yes, I drew this in paint within five minutes because I'm sure it was desperately needed and also because I figured that you all probably missed these not at all accurate layouts of my house. The orange square is our house with the backdoor and the steps on which Steve currently sits on when he smokes. They're dirty and gross. To the right we have our three bins (I gave them the right colours and all!) which cannot be moved because there's nowhere else to put them. To the left we have a small patio area which is shoddily done but it will do for now. Straight forward is a small piece of grass which happens to be landscaped so that it's a hill. A diagonal hill, the upper left corner is the highest point and from there on it goes downwards. I don't know who planned this but he or she has a shocking opinion of what a functional garden looks like. The circle is our clothesline. Oh, and in the top right corner is a giant, ugly oil tank and boiler which I somehow failed to draw. I'm gonna assume that I had pushed their existences to the back of my mind.

This is ideally what our garden would eventually look like**. Even I understand that this will not happen, ever, but lets try and bring in certain elements that will make our current garden a little more cozy. Steve's parents have a round wooden table and chairs that they've generously agreed to give to us. These shall be placed on the patio area. Ideally I would've liked to have some kind of hanging canope over this because of the rainy situation but it would have to hang over our bedroom windows. As sunlight is so limited already, blocking more of it is just out of the question. Plus our garden is really too small for such things. However, I'm getting those round garden lights and there is nothing that can stop me. Eventually I would like modern chairs to go with our wooden table but that won't happen this year.

Here's a couple of pictures which really captured the essence of what I want from my garden; an inviting place where I can read a book and drink my coffee. I love the idea of having a big old shelving system to put plants on but 1) all my plants die and 2) again we have the issue of windows existing in this world. There's just nowhere to put it that wouldn't block sunlight. An outdoors rug (although such a nice idea) would never work in our rainy garden. So I figure that what I need are pillows that can easily be transferred in and out between uses, candles to adorn the table and plants to make the place slightly more lively. Like, two plants maximum. Preferably two that would survive a nuclear war so that they have high chances of surviving with me and that like rain, wind and cloudy weather. They also need to be sold at IKEA. Does anyone know of such plants?

*Don't get me wrong, I am still makeup and clothes obsessed. With my birthday money I sensibly divided it up into two halves; one half has gone towards beauty and skincare purchases which I desperately wanted and the other half went towards bills and other important expenses. Such as cocktails. Don't judge me. Either way, I'll write a little about the skincare purchases some other time.

**All images are from my Pinterest, and yes, I know that my dream-home board is in dire need of organisation because I can barely find the images that I want nowadays.

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