Tuesday, 4 June 2013

May Favourites

Have I told you that I read a lot of beauty blogs? Possibly. Have I told you that my favourite moment of the day is when dinner is eaten and everything is washed (preferably by Steve) and I can snuggle up on my couch and read beauty blogs/catch up on the latest beauty videos? It's ridiculously relaxing. This is a round-about way of explaining that beauty bloggers have a tendency to gather up their favourite items at the end of the month and then they present them. Sometimes they talk about non-beauty related items and I like that too. In fact, I'm a person and so I can relate to finding certain things that I like every month. In short: This is happening now.

favourite on tv: Ooooh. This is difficult because I watched Game of Thrones last night and if you haven't watched episode 9 yet... You should go watch it right now. I shall say no more. If it wasn't for this particular episode which just about tipped the scales (the scales? The imaginary tv-show weighting scales?) I'd say Arrested Development season 4. It started off a bit rocky but entertaining and then about half-way through it got hysterically funny. You can find all four seasons on Netflix UK and you get the first month for free. No excuses. But anyway, Game of Thrones won.

favourite purchase: I bought a bath lily from the Body Shop last week and it. is. amazing. There was a time when I'd roll my eyes at people who bought these things because honestly, I can use my hands to lather soap on myself in the shower. But I was wrong about how well I can lather soap in comparison to this dreamboat of a bath lily. And the skin! It's so smooth afterwards! I need to buy one for Steve now because he keeps stealing mine and I do not share stuff like this.

favourite music: I have to say Kendrick Lamar's album Good kid, m.A.A.d city because I have gotten unnaturally fond of it despite the fact that it's rap. But I also loved Daft Punk - Get Lucky (eh like the rest of the world), The Drums, Peace, Arcade Fire and Tegan and Sara. The last two regained some love because I've used them as running music.

favourite food: Steve's birthday food was pretty damn amazing - peanutbutter buns, key lime pie and bacon & cheese swirls. And for the rest of the month: Meanies! Who knew vinegar-flavoured corn-snack could be so good?

favourite drink: Definitely the Coconut & Chocolate Frappe Creme that I had from Caffe Nero last week. I wrote an embarrassingly long paragraph about it in this post. (However I had another today and whoever made it did not blend it properly. I felt betrayed. (I still do.))

favourite beauty item: Barry M Gelly nail polish in the shade Blueberry wooed me to the point where I wore it twice in one month. That's two weeks with light blue nail polish. Well done, Barry M, but you cannot beat the Revlon lip butter in shade Wild Watermelon. It is red but with a very pink undertone and I've worn it a lot more than I care to admit. E.g. on "makeup free" days when not a scrap of concealer has touched my red, flaring nostrils or cave-like dark circles under my eyes I've still put on some of the Wild Watermelon. Because I love it.

favourite blog: Beauty blog-wise I've been loving I Covet Thee (I may or may not have read through every single post she has ever written) which is in English for all you English-speakers (which must be everyone, since you can read this). If you're a Swedish speaker and like interior design (hello mom); I've been loving Sa Fint Jag Vill which is just... adorable.

favourite event: I'd say it's a toss-up between celebrating Steve's birthday in the new house and finishing the last of my exams. Both of which were tremendously stressful and nearly gave me ulcers when it was happening but once it was over I enjoyed incredibly long lie-ins and cake. I liked betting on horses too which occurred the very last day of the month but it probably doesn't beat cake.

P.S. I wrote 12 blog posts in the month of May which I'm quite pleased about. Not exactly like the 26 posts that I wrote in one month early last year (what was wrong with me?) but I'm thinking quality over quantity. Riiight...?

P.P.S. All images are from my Instagram or from my Pinterest. Pretty crap compilation of pictures. I'll be better prepared next month!

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