Sunday, 2 June 2013

The first week of unwanted freedom

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So this was the first week of being off and I'm not going to lie to you; I find it quite difficult. If you know me, you'll know that it's not that I'm the kind of person who is super-productive (to say the least - my idea of being productive is basically making dinner) or that I have this amazing sense of work ethics. I would love to be off if I knew for how long so that I could actually friggin' enjoy it!Anyway, there's no point in whining about it for now. We'll just see what happens.

If you read my Primark post you know that I went to Belfast on Tuesday and spent a little bit of my birthday money. I also had a plan B birthday present to get (which I couldn't say at the time because my blog is so tremendously popular - errr) after plan A didn't work out and when I explained to Steve that it was of utmost importance that I went to Belfast he believed me. Huzzah. Strangely enough the best part of that day (apart from falling in love with everyone in Lush - the staff in Belfast are the nicest and they smell. so. good. Naturally because they sell bath products I guess. I'm so creepy?) was the really warm weather which lead me to buying a Coconut & Chocolate Frappe Creme from Caffe Nero. At first I was kind of disappointed by the lack of coffee taste which can possibly be explained by the fact that there is next to no coffee in it but then I got into the idea of drinking what is basically a liquified Bounty and then I was all over it. It's also a bit ridiculously expensive which is why I'm lucky that the nearest Caffe Nero is in Belfast.

It was warm on Wednesday and Thursday as well (as evidenced by my outdoors-y picture in the middle) which makes it extra nice to have a garden. Running this week went well although on Wednesday when it was warm outside I wanted to lie down on the pavement and die. No exaggerating. If there is one thing good about the summer weather here it's that cloudy days with a bit of rain make for excellent running conditions. That is possibly the one good thing. And the minimized risk for skin cancer I guess.

On Friday I got fancy and put on a polka dot dress to go to a horse racing track for a friend's birthday (different friend - this one did not get a gift because I do favouritism like that). It turns out that betting on horses is loads of fun. My strategy was to pick names that I felt strongly for and hope that the odds weren't too bad. I once refrained from putting a bet on because it turns out that the odds were the worst for that one but other than that I stuck to my naming theory, and I won £23 from originally much smaller sums. So that night basically paid for itself. Yesterday mostly the same people (plus my Steve who couldn't join the betting bunch because of work - what a grown-up he is) went out to a local bar for continued birthday celebrations and I had too many shots. This lead to a day spent on the couch, having a four-hour nap somewhere in the midst of it and then going to a chippy for dinner. Classy is my middle name.

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