Sunday, 9 June 2013

The past week and my birthday

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I am currently in that state of overwhelmed "I'm so lucky and my life is the best, no matter what hardships I go through I will always have people who care for me". I don't consider myself a soppy person. Is this a general birthday-hangover? Did all that attention yesterday go to my head and now it's slowly seeping out, causing withdrawal symptoms and hormonal, cheesy blog posts? (Disclaimer - it may be the actual hangover, from actual cocktails. The emotions are just as pure anyway.)

In case the title and the previous paragraph did not make things clear - it was my birthday yesterday. And in case you haven't read my blog before I am a major fan of birthdays in general, including my own. I like receiving/giving stuff and eating my favourite foods, both of which birthdays commonly include. As far as weeks leading up to birthdays go, this was fairly uneventful, apart from Tuesday. On Tuesday I went to Belfast with my friends and we walked around shops. I'm lucky to know people who have a serious interest in beauty and who are willing to visit all makeup shops that Belfast offer. I believe we visited Boots and Superdrug twice and I also made a very small purchase. I claim it's to get me by another week without accidentally making crazy, huge online purchases. (It was a 3 for 2 offer, it barely counts.) We went for lunch at Avoca and I had delicious calamari served by a guy who looked like a younger and better looking Sam Merlotte from True Blood. If that isn't a successful lunch I don't know what is. The day ended on a high with a recruitment agency meeting followed by cocktails at Cafe Vaudeville. I'm easy to please when there's food involved.

Tuesday was also the start of a heat wave which is still going strong. It has actually felt like summer all week and I have shifted from pale blue to kind of eggshell white with only a tiny bit of help from fake tan but mostly actual tan. Wearing sun cream of course. I'm not advocating sizzling like bacon here, but I do believe that I suffer from sun deficiency (is that a thing?) and it does wonders for my health and mood to spend an hour or two in the sun every day. On Saturday Steve woke me up with an amazing breakfast. We do breakfast in bed on birthdays and he had asked me what type of breakfast I wanted. I answered, half-jokingly, that I wanted a general theme of 'continental hotel breakfast', not realising that Steve is big on following exact instructions. So I got two platters of yogurt, berries, toasted oats, croissants, parma ham, salami and cheese. I was in food heaven. Later on I got my nails done by my friend who is really good at nail art and the afternoon kind of just disappeared in a nail-painting and oreo-eating whirl. In the evening a bunch of friends came over and then we all went to a bar for cocktail drinking. Hence my general tiredness and soppy feelings today.

All in all it was such a good birthday and somehow the more I think of it, the better it feels. I got lots of presents (and people clearly know me well - it was almost all makeup, clothes and accessories. Which makes me sound like an awfully shallow person but I'm happy okay?) and I have a couple of awesome things to look forward to. And I ate lots of nice food and drank really nice cocktails, which in itself would make any day brilliant. Also I can confirm that 23 does not even feel very different from being 22, other than the official cloud of responsibility that is now hovering over me. Although I think that I've had that cloud since I was about eight years old, me being me. This post was a bit all over the place, but I hope you get the gist; It was a good week and I'm now officially a year older.

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