Tuesday, 16 July 2013

10 reasons to smile 15.0

We're halfway through the month and it's Tuesday and Tuesdays are the worst days of the week, I think. Hence happy post!

John Lennon skateboarding, found on Pinterest.

one - I bought myself a bikini and a swimsuit from Asos with my graduation money so that I'm prepared for our upcoming holiday. They arrived yesterday and I love them. The bikini is River Island although it's more orange than pink in real life. It's still pretty cool. The swimsuit (Asos' own brand) was a complete bargain and looks so flattering on. (Probably my first swimsuit since I was.... 11?)

two - Today is grocery day delivery and it is (sadly) my favourite kind of day. Well-stocked fridges just gets me going.

three - After the laziest week in history when my family over, I got back into running last week. I decided to double the week 7 schedule (run 15 minutes, walk 1 minute, run 15 minutes) before tackling the 30 minutes constant running and it feels like a good decision. By this time next week I should have reached my goal!

four - Tomorrow I'm going to see my friend for coffee and then a few small beauty-related things need to be bought. Such as a waterproof mascara because I'm planning to live in the pool during my holiday.

five - Steve taught me how to play an online game that my little brother also plays. Yesterday the three of us played together and it was awesome. High-five for activities that shrink the distance between you and your brother!

six - I feel like it's properly summer for the summer in years and I think it's all thanks to the week of beautiful, hot weather that Northern Ireland just had. It's cloudy now (of course) but that's okay. I think I got my summer-fix for this year.

seven - Steve gets paid in nine days, his holidays start in less than four weeks and our trip to Malta happens in less than five weeks.

eight - Whilst my family was over I got a huge amount of driving done. Long-distance driving. It's still scary but nowhere near as scary as it was before.

nine - My Glossybox arrived yesterday and it was goood. This is my third good box in four months and I am quite impressed.

ten - Today is Tuesday and the only good thing about Tuesday is that we've decided it's take-away night! No cooking for me today.

P.S. If you want to read last year's happiness post in July, it can be found here.

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