Thursday, 11 July 2013

June Favourites

Look at me, posting a post as part of a series. (Check out my May Favourites post.) Fancy. Although I'm ashamed to admit this, I woke up and thought "It's not too late to write my June favourites post, it's only like July 3rd" and then I realised it's actually the 11th and any moment now it'll be August. Oops. I had to really think about this stuff now that half of my favourites actually ended up being in July so there was a lot of effort put through this.

favourite on tv/movie: (yes, I took the liberty of changing the category so it now includes movies becaaauuse...) I saw Wreck-It Ralph and Warm Bodies with my friend Nicolette and they were both awesome. So awesome that I rewatched them with my brother when he came over. Both of them. Less than two weeks after seeing them. Wreck-It Ralph is great if you like animated movies or have a certain fondness for games. Warm Bodies is great if you like fantasy movies that don't take themselves to seriously.

favourite purchase: After my big birthday splurge with lots of expensive beauty products I feel kind of ashamed to say that the one that beat them all is the Rimmel Salon Pro in the shade Hiphop. I wore it for two weeks in June and I just put it back on. I can't help myself.

favourite music: The entire soundtrack of Warm Bodies. It's very teenage-y.

favourite food: I had calamaris at Cafe Avoca at the start of the month which was amazing, but the week after I went to the Merchant Hotel for afternoon tea and it was the best. They could've served the bread alone with nothing else and it still would've beat everything else I ate in June.

favourite drink: I learnt how to make iced coffee and it is pretty good for warm days. I had cocktails on my birthday that also tasted nice but I can't actually remember which ones I had. Whoops.

favourite beauty item: As this was a gift it does not count as a purchase and so I can happily say that my Real Technique brushes are the best. I wore more foundation than ever this month just because I was so happy with my foundation brush however I quickly discovered that the blush brush is an underrated gem. Now it's a tie between which brush my face loves the most.

favourite blog: This is always the most difficult category because I read a lot of blogs. I found a blog written by a young girl from the US, The M(squared) Story, about her and her husband and I just got stuck. She's unbelievably cute. And kind of opinionated. I'd recommend going back and reading about how they met, it's addictive.

favourite event: My birthday was awesome and all the things surrounding it, but my favourite must've been whenever my friend Nicolette was over from Sweden! It's been ages since I had friends visiting (not since the first year of living here) but this was extra-special as we grew up together. Miss her already.

June was a good month and July is not looking bad either!

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