Thursday, 25 July 2013

Presenting my living room

Sometimes I tire of living in home that never ever seems to be fully furnished - and because I know myself all too well I suspect that once it is fully furnished I will want to change everything. I'm gonna stop my postponing of showing my living room because frankly, the majority of the readers of this blog have now seen it. At least the ones who are even remotely interested. Although there is a massive amount of things that I'd like to change about the living room, this is still the room that is the closest to done and also the room which me and Steve succeeded most successfully in when we merged our styles. There was some crazy amount of debates going on, I tell ya.

If you feel like playing a game; spot my reflection! Twice! Or spot the ugly TV (Steve's contribution to this room) or the technology bucket. Yes, I have a technology bucket. 

Future changes I would like to make are 1) adding a retro wing back chair next to our sheep-infested ottoman, preferably in a crazy colour. Or a crazy pattern. I feel like this room needs a bit more craziness. Also 2) in the corner where I now have a white IKEA bookshelf + flowers in a bottle I'd like a small sideboard (maybe teak?) and built-in shelves above it. I'm restraining myself when it comes to the built-in shelves until I find the perfect sideboard.*

*Maybe I already have but the current economic situation is preventing me from making insane and not very sensible purchases.... HINT.

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