Sunday, 14 July 2013

The week of things getting back to normal

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Hello weekly update blog post. It's been quite a while and I found myself missing it. It's strange how fun it is to document your life even when absolutely nothing is going on in it. This post will be quick because it's quite late and I'm currently downloading a game for the PC to play with Steve (and I'd like to get a chance to try it before we go to bed).

Mom, dad and my little brother were still here on Monday (if you've missed what's going on lately or you're completely new to the blog; my family were visiting for twelve days) and although we had originally planned to go into Belfast we eventually decided not to. It was just too hot and because it was the last day none of us wanted to stress about in shops. Instead we spent the day lounging in the garden and in the evening we went for a BBQ at Steve's parents' house. It was a perfect last day. On Tuesday morning I got up at 4.30am to bring my family to the bus station and when I came home I went out for a run. A 6am run. I'm finally that person. Over the next few days I mainly lazied about in the garden, planted a couple of new plants and herbs and filled out job applications.

The 12th July in Northern Ireland is a holiday which meant that Steve was off work on Friday. Hooray for long weekends! On the 11th we went out with our friends, although I only had a beer and the night ended fairly early with a pizza around midnight. On Friday me and Steve stayed at home and just enjoyed having a relaxing day, which was needed as we went out yesterday to a house party. Not that I regret a thing because I had tons of fun with friends and drinking games. And more drinking games. (I have a great love for games.) As a result, today we did nothing special. The weather is still amazing here and I'm in the proper summer spirit now that half of the summer has passed. Five weeks until my holiday, woohoo!

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