Sunday, 28 July 2013

Week thirty - being supersocial

I just can't imagine anyone's cooler than me when I use the word 'super'.

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This was a weird week because I actually hung out with people every single day apart from Monday. Monday I had to go into Lurgan and sort stuff out. But Tuesday I had a friend over for tea and cake (she brought the cake - there was no baking involved), on Wednesday I helped Steve's mom babysit her grandchildren, on Thursday I went to a ridiculously nice lunch with a friend. That pulled pork sandwich nearly killed me. In the best way possible. Also I have a soft spot for coleslaw. On Friday I went to Belfast with Steve's sisters to celebrate a birthday and we went to Treat Boutique where I had this amazing cupcake (I'm not even a cupcake person) and then we went to the cinema. Grown up version of a wild night out, I wasn't home until after midnight.

On Saturday I forced Steve to go back to the bistro that I visited on Thursday and this time I had a "Belfast bap" with pastrami which was amazing but also ENORMOUS. I did not realise that a so-called Belfast bap is also the size of a normal person's head. In the evening when I had recovered from the meat-and bread-attack we went to a friend's house and then we went out. I had wine and drinks and overall it was a good night. Today was the type of day that was spent lying in bed most of the time apart from a short break when we went to the shopping center. A controversial sidenote; I tried the Mocha Cookie Crumble in Starbucks and it is too sweet, it is too much.

As you can see a large part of my week has been focused on food. That's the way I like my weeks and would have them this way all the time if I could. But I feel like I really deserved this ridiculously extravagant week since in three weeks I'm going on a holiday and until then I'm gonna be the healthiest person on Earth. Then I'll go back to pulled pork sandwiches. This week I also reached my eight weeks running goal! I've run for over 30 minutes continuously three times this week (and I survived, clearly). I've become so confident in my fitness ability that I even did a FitnessBlender workout tonight, which really is not a task taken lightly when you're hungover. The workout was completed and I didn't even feel that bad. Apart from during the lunges. Those lunges are my nemeses. I may try to fit in a couple of these workouts in between runs. Just to keep myself busy...

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