Sunday, 21 July 2013

Week twentynine - summer

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Another week that felt just like summer should feel is over. Because of the lovely weather I've spent most of my time sunbathing in the garden (and desperately trying to blur the ridiculously sharp tan lines that I've managed to get) but a few fun things happened. On Wednesday I went with my friend to Belfast because I needed a few things for the holiday (less than four weeks now) and then we went to IKEA which obviously pleased me to no end. In Belfast I got a bunch of things from Boots and I also got a pair of shorts and flipflops in Primark so I think I'm pretty much set for my holiday now. Or at least as set as my budget allows for!

On Friday night me and Steve both went to Belfast to go out with his work colleagues and I had an excellent night despite the fact that I had to drive home at 4am. I'm not great with driving yet and particularly not at 4am when my feet are sore and Steve is singing along to Daniel Bedingfield on the radio but I think it went pretty well. Only one or two minor freakouts because there were signs warning about stuff that didn't apply to me whatsoever. Saturday was spent eating junkfood and watching movies. Today we went for coffee and I've spent the day switching between reading The Hobbit and playing video games with Steve. I love Sundays like today.

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