Thursday, 1 August 2013

Attempting to eat healthy

I decided to take photos of all of my meals yesterday. For very little reason at all other than that I've started eating healthy and I'm trying to document it. (But not in a way that makes my Instagram followers puke. Not too much anyway.) Yesterday was a pretty good healthy day and I thought I'd share it.

For breakfast I had low fat blueberry yogurt with banana. And a boiled egg which is possibly my favourite thing ever.

For lunch I had leftover chicken and potato curry with a tiny bit of rice. I'm trying to cut down on rice and pasta etc too, and substitute it with vegetables or lean meat. The curry can be found here but I add more vegetables. 

For dinner I had sesame chickpea salad with shrimp. It's based on this recipe but I've obviously made a lot less sauce without cornstarch and olive oil and also I have no broccoli. And I ate it with chickpeas rather than rice. As you can see all pictures include water because I've been trying to force myself to drink more water. Yesterday I had six glasses of water which is some sort of record for me. I also had a couple of Finn crispbreads with tomato and ham, a cereal bar, a diet coke and a cup of coffee in between meals because I would never last with only three meals a day.

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