Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Malta part i

If you know me on Facebook (and you probably do), you will already have seen these photos. But I'm gonna post them again just in case you haven't and/or require more in-depth explanations of each photo. 

We arrived late at night to our hotel which was not the fanciest place ever, but clean and that's really all I require from my sleeping quarters. This was the rural view from our balcony the next morning. I had requested the land view because of the apparent noisy road that plagued the sea view rooms. I am nothing but an avid researcher and reader of other people's reviews before I go on holiday.

We spent nearly every night at the rooftop pool, which had a clear sign that said "no inflatables" and "no balls". They might as well have said "a limited number of children", which is great for us young (hip) couples. Also, on the Sunday when this photo was taken it was quite busy but the remaining days it was a lot more calm.

Apparently there was also some kind of feast going on in the town, Mellieha. I asked one of the receptionists and she said that they were celebrating a saint, which apparently warrants parades like this throughout the town. Plus fireworks. There was also food stalls and local crafts being sold (but nothing that I could ever afford).

We went to the beach one day which was crowded on land but a lot more pleasant in the water. Steve fell asleep with his feet lying in a sunny spot and ended up burning every part of his feet that weren't covered by sandy patches. His feet now look like modern art, splotchy and colourful. (And so painful.)

One night Steve convinced me to go to a Mexican restaurant. (Who goes to a Mexican restaurant in Malta?! Only Steve.) I had started developing an unhealthy obsession with ice tea because it reminded me of drinking ice tea in Saudi Arabia during my childhood (where it, coincidentally, is also very hot). Anyway, the beef burrito that I had was fine but the view was stunning.

I tried Maltese fried rabbit one night at a restaurant. It was tasty and contrary to many others I seem to have no qualms when it comes to eating cute animals. Until I lifted what I'm fairly certain was the rabbit's rib cage and suddenly I felt quite queasy. 

During one of our days we were suddenly surprised by a thunderstorm. Steve wanted to stay by the pool but I did not feel like risking death so we went downstairs and ate the most amazing American-style pancakes while we were waiting.

The thunderstorm was over in a few hours and we went back to the pool. This is the view over the bay from the rooftop pool. The second part of Malta (featuring lagoons. Loads of lagoons) will be posted later this week!

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