Thursday, 29 August 2013

Malta part ii

Welcome to the second post about Malta which will feature very few words and a lot of pictures of good ol' H2O. Really, this is basically not a post about Malta, just sea.

The one thing that I actually wanted to do was to visit Comino, a little island between Malta and Gonzo. Apparently there's basically no people who live on this island, apart from a priest and three more. And Cast Away was filmed there. For some reason that's all I needed to hear. (Because it seemed plausible that the island would be empty but Tom Hanks would still be sitting there with Wilson, waiting for me.)

Steve somehow managed to convince me that we'd be better off taking a boat tour that travel around several lagoons and then stops at Comino for a couple of hours. He's a smart man, that Steve.

Unfortunately the boat was completely full and so the company offered to take us and another twenty people on board a little speedboat. Obviously I counted the number of passengers on the boat and we were most definitely over the limit. But no one else said anything, so I played it cool. I can risk my life just like everyone else.

The lagoons had ridiculously clear, turquoise water. It was made for picture taking.

But the caves were dirty. (This may have been Smuggler's Cave.)

Elephant's head, some random girl's head and the Santa Maria Caves.

A port in Gonzo that I can't remember the name of but it was cute. And I liked the little boats too, it reminded me of Croatia. (I kept getting weird smell-sensations, a mixture between memories from the coast by Croatia and also sometimes Saudi-Arabia. Weird.)

The Blue Lagoon at Comino was, as promised in every brochure, stunning. When I took this picture I actually tried capturing the many fish that swam about but that wasn't possible.

What the brochures didn't tell you was that there was a lot of tourists. Like a lot. So many that there was no space left on the beach or the cliffs to actually sunbathe and instead we just stayed on the boat and went into the water from there. Even the water was cramped a lot of the times. (How can a sea be cramped?!)

It was obviously still pretty to look at. (We couldn't swim out further than the people are in that picture because of boats that were constantly coming in and out of the lagoon.)

After three hours we left Comino and the water was beautiful in the soft late afternoon light.

Crystal Lagoon. I wish we could have stopped here for swimming instead, it was almost empty of people.

The last night before leaving Malta we walked around in Mellieha after dinner and just enjoyed looking at the buildings and the people. I especially liked the church, its courtyard and the funky streetlights that were everywhere. Not to mention that because Mellieha is situated on a hill and the church is at the very top there was an amazing view. Overall I had such a great time in Malta and I'd love to go back some day in the future.

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