Thursday, 8 August 2013


First things first: I'll be working tomorrow! And then for a little longer! It's at the same place as I worked last August/September which is nice because that means that hopefully I'll remember most of the stuff from last year. I'm not gonna talk more about work here because... It's the internet. It's all well and good for me to discuss what I eat every minute of the day but some things are best kept private. I don't think I need to explain more.

All images found on my Pinterest.

The best thing about working in an office (apart from the fact that you finally get to pay your bills and afford food etc) is office wear. I know a lot of people dread the words "smart casual", but if I got to decide the entire world would be smart casual. It's the best. At least at my workplace where they definitely lean more towards the casual side of things. Casual smart casual, one might call it (but never ever denim). I cannot wait to pull out all my loose tops and pencil skirts (all of the... one pencil skirt that I own).

Also, crisp white shirts under sweaters as soon as we get into September?! Yes. And I cannot wait to find a pair of more formal printed trousers that are work-appropriate. I'm not entirely sure that other workplaces would allow printed trousers and skirt even when it's a dresscode as vague as smart casual (an older job of mine would be an example) but I saw plenty of prints when I worked at this place last year. Even printed shorts, although I seriously doubt I'm ready to take that step. I can't wait. For less casual "smart casual", I love this and this pin.

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