Friday, 16 August 2013

Packing frenzy over

It's been a while. I certainly didn't mean for several days to pass without me writing anything whatsoever, but life has been hectic because 1) I've been working and working is seriously exhausting. I'm in awe of everyone who works full-time. (It's also really fun and I love it.) 2) I've been packing because tomorrow we go to Malta! Between that and the regular chores + exercise + the occasional time spent with Steve I've been quite busy. I'm now pretty much done with the packing and today is the first time for almost a week that I've had time to just sit down and enjoy reading blogs and watching Youtube (and during the week I was gone entire Youtube seems to have gotten pregnant. What happened there?)

As you can see the weather is fairly decent in Malta at the moment, according to BBC Weather. The plan is to arrive at our hotel, get ourselves to the pool and then slowly melt away over the next few days. The perfect ending to a summer.

P.S. I'm going to paint another coat of nail polish and then I'm going to write a post because I feel like writing more. BUT, for the sake of being fancy, it'll be posted when I'm away. High-tech.

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