Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Prepping for holiday: An ode to spreadsheets

My previous 'prepping for holiday' post was mainly just a reason for me to discuss the latest things I've purchased. This is not the case for the current blog post. In fact, the reason for this post's existence is because I did not want to buy more things. And also because spreadsheets is the true love of my life.

You see, when I thought about what to wear on holiday I was immediately filled with a sense of horror and I drew the immediate conclusion that I have nothing to wear. This is not true! I may not be wearing outfits bought purely for the intention of being worn on a sunny beach in a foreign country but that's okay. Instead I decided to actually think. What kind of outfits do I have that suit hot weather? How can I mix them up so that I don't have to buy huge amounts of  new clothes?

As you can see, this list is not complete. I still haven't figured out what to wear on top my first Saturday night. (Maybe this is the true sign that I'm allowed to make one clothing related purchase.) I realised that there is no point in looking like I'm ready to attend prom during the day when I'll just be walking between the pool and the hotel room. Better keep it simple. Also that I can wear some clothes both day and night depending on what I pair it with (see crochet dress and lace shorts). This way I make the most of my closet rather than buying loads of silky holiday clothes with giant banana leaf prints that I will never wear again. (The outfit I just described is in fact a jumpsuit from Topshop that I secretly want.)

I also realise that this may seem like a huge amount of clothes to other people and although I love streamlining everything that I pack (and originally I wasn't even planning on bringing hold luggage) I do happen to have plenty of space. Enough to allow myself to wear a lot of different outfits. If I did have to streamline this packing list I would cut out about half of the clothes and just give them a rinse halfway through and then let them dry in the sun. Secondly, this is by far the largest list. I have a separate spreadsheet for my makeup (divided into skincare, makeup, hygiene and hair) and one for the rest (which only contains seven items, three being books).

If I did allow myself to a little bit of holiday shopping, I'd buy a dressy, black playsuit that can be worn when going out (like this one... Aaaah.) and a bag that can be used both as a beach/pool bag as well as hand luggage. Like this one. Maybe a tiny bit smaller... Also, I don't want to be dishonest. I did have make a few clothing purchases, such as the bikini, swimsuit, flipflops and shorts. But they were all totally necessary.

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