Sunday, 25 August 2013

Week 34 - malta

Pictures from my Instagram.

It's been a while since my last Sunday update post, which is weird. I feel like I've been quite vigilant with my Sunday posting the past few months (because I'm a sad person who enjoys going back and reading updates on my life from March) but as it is, this will be my second and last Sunday post of August. Obviously it can be blamed on work and holiday - two quite enjoyable distractions from blogging.

I arrived home from Malta late last night and even though I hadn't eaten at that point for over twelve hours due to flight delays and then everything being closed when we arrived at the airport (where we waited for another 1,5 hours) I still unpacked most of my bag and did some laundry when we arrived home shortly after 1am. It was as if I had been gripped by some kind of holiday-hating demon. Not really, but do you also feel the urge to remove everything that has anything to do with your holiday and get settled back in when you've been away? I do the same with nights out; I've been out, I had a great time but as soon as I come home I throw my clothes in the wash and pretend like nothing ever happened. Today I continued driving out the Holiday and now I feel better than ever. As if I've squeezed out every last drop of summer spirit and now I'm ready for autumn. I bloody love autumn.

Malta was great. It seems ridiculous that I even have to say so because look at those pictures. It was hot but yet there was plenty of shade so that our pale bodies weren't constantly on fire. The food was nice and it was easy to have a decently priced meal each night. I finished all three of my books and I will write my amateur opinions of them at some point in the near future, I promise. There will be more pictures as well over the next week and more talk about Malta. Those posts will be the real "weekly update" - this really is just a post to summarise my current state. (Content, sleepy and in my regular couch-position.)

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