Sunday, 4 August 2013

Week thirty-one - food food food

You may notice that I'm starting to struggle with my titles.

Images from my Instagram.

You may remember from last week's update that I had gone out running on the Saturday and a FitnessBlender cardio workout on Sunday. For no reason at all I then continued with my exercising throughout the entire week. On Monday I ran, on Tuesday I did pilates, on Wednesday I did another FitnessBlender cardio workout (a longer one than the Sunday one though), pilates on Thursday and then I ran again on Friday. Safe to say, I was exhausted when the weekend came around (I don't think I have ever exercised every day for a full week, ever). Not only that but I also started eating much more healthily this week as evidenced by my previous food post. 

Obviously it didn't last long. On Thursday I went to a girls' night in and watched Warrior while eating pizza and copious amounts of sweets. On Saturday Steve took me out for dinner and cinema. I wish I could say that at the American-style restaurant I chose a healthy salad... But that would be a lie. A massive lie. I had a giant burger with bacon and cheese, plus chili and garlic fries plus a chocolate milkshake. It was worth it and then I was in so much pain during the cinema that it sort of wasn't worth it anymore. Now the memory of the pain is fading and I'd love another one of those chocolate milkshakes (it was a perfect old school one, with whipped cream on top). Oh and we saw The Wolverine which was fairly entertaining. Today me and Steve decided to do some clearing among our clothes. There is an entire bag full of stuff that's being recycled, another bag put in storage and we haven't even started with the shoes yet. Busy days.

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