Tuesday, 3 September 2013

August favourites

favourite on tv/movie: I saw 50/50 early on in this month and it is definitely up there in my B+ Category (for reference I don't just put movies in the A category on a whim. This is serious business.) Joseph Gordon-Lewitt gets cancer, which sounds like my worst nightmare but luckily it's his character, not him. And it's funny and sad and just heartwarming. I feel like watching it again.

50/50. Image from here.

favourite purchase: Shocking revelation: I almost didn't buy a single thing during entire of August, until the last day of August when I bought an office skirt (£5 from Primark, couldn't say no). So obviously that has to be my favourite purchase. The only purchase.

favourite music: I have been loving Lana Del Rey's album from last summer the last few weeks and HOW have I missed out on it before? Especially loving Blue Jeans and Radio (go listen!).

favourite food: Banana oat muffins are a thing, I swear. This takes literally no time to make (grab a bunch of ingredients, throw it in the blender and pop it in the oven) and is perfect for bringing to work. Plus it's banana so it must be healthy.

favourite drink: During Malta I became obsessed with ice tea and I'm now having withdrawal symptoms. I suppose I could just buy ice tea here but it's just not the same when it's not hot outside.

favourite beauty item: This is unusually tricky as I've been working (no time for experimenting) and on holiday (no point in wearing makeup) most of this month. I have to say that after I came back from my holiday (with a tan) I've been using my Revlon Nearly Naked foundation and it looks better than ever now that my skin is definitely tan enough for the 'sand' shade. Can I also say that not wearing foundation seems to be a definite no for me at work since about halfway through I start looking like a zombie. Is this common?

favourite blog: Two With Seven is new on my blog reading list but just so lovely. Beautiful pictures and I love her way of writing.

favourite event: How could I pick anything but our holiday to Malta? I cannot wait to plan our next trip away. (Like, in four years or so.)

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