Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Living room wishlist

You may remember the sad tour of my living room? There's so many things missing. And somehow it's still the most finished room in the house, which says a lot about the rest of the house I guess. In preparation for actual money earning (ha!) I have decided that I have to finish one room at a time. No hopping in between projects. Therefore I have made an exact list of the things that I want for the room that I will tackle first, which happens to be the living since it's the closest to being finished. (The least finished room is the computer room/guest room. I shudder to even think about the fights I have to have with Steve when I explain to him that his computer chair is the most gross thing I have ever laid my eyes on.) Obviously I'll only be able to buy one object at a time and it will most likely not be any of these things as I do not have a ridiculous budget. But a girl can dream, right? 

The first and most important thing is the little sideboard that I want. Oh, how I have dreamt about a sideboard. Technically, the space in which I want to house the sideboard that it's not even a sideboard. Just a... cupboard. But this little beauty from MADE would look oh so good next to my fire place. (And they make it in gray too. Someone restrain me.) The sideboard (or whatever-board) would house our DVDs and other unsightly but necessary objects. On top of the sideboard I would keep little lights and these light holders from Graham & Green are perfect for my autumn dreams. (By the way, £12 seems okay for six light holders, right? Oh no. They are £12 individually. Shoot me now.) Over the sideboard I would keep three white shelves but there is no need for photos of them. They are in every corner at IKEA, obviously. 

I also dream of a chair to put in my corner, which would allow a fifth person to sit down in our front room. A chair is particularly difficult to choose because 1) there is literally no limit on how much a chair can cost apparently, 2) I'd like it to have a weird mixture between 60s and funky modern yet 3) be comfortable. I'm not sure this chair, also from Graham & Green, is comfortable or in my price league but it's definitely cool. (Speaking of Graham & Green, they have got an excellent autumn collection, full of weird and quirky and AWESOME things. E.g. a round glass sidetable with golden legs shaped like twigs. Whaaat.) Although I am strangely fond of our gifted floor lamp I would like some type of lamp that looks a little bit like a spaceship and this lamp from West Elm does. Last but not least, I want a giant, soft rug. I wrote about rugs six months ago and mentioned rugs that look a lot like this one from Heal's. Since then I have seen this type of rug show up in a lot of different places (on Pinterest, where else would I be seeing these things 'pop up'?) and for a while I wondered if that had put me off this rug. No, it hasn't. Please buy me rug like this.
(Audible sigh.) Why is my taste so expensive at times? 

P.S. Affordable version of this wishlist found on IKEA here, here, here, here and here. I know. It's not the same...

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