Thursday, 12 September 2013

Reading The Devil Wears Prada

Hello second book review (only one more left, I promise)!

Can I start by explaining that I have a tendency to be a bit snobbish when it comes to books and that is why when I heard of this book the first time I refused to read it. Because I don't do chic-lit. And then I read about the sequel and people were so excited about it, coinciding with the fact that I have matured (a tiny bit) and realised that it's okay to not always be a wannabe-intellectual. So I read the sample, laughed a lot and then I bought the book. The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger is about Andrea, a young graduate who wants to write for the New Yorker (obviously) but accidentally attends an interview for a personal assistant job, which she then accepts as it is for a major publishing house. Unfortunately, her boss turns out to be a complete nightmare. Andrea stays as she has heard that if she can stand to work there for a year she will be able to move on to a more lucrative job after that. Her constant working, her nightmare boss who demands the most impossible things and the fashion world that is slowly turning her into one of "them" starts to affect her friendships and her long-term boyfriend.

This is not the most brilliantly written book, ever. And the story is so-so. But it is really funny and it makes for a very good read when you're on holiday and you'd rather not deal with sobbing into the pages of your book because it's so deep that your forehead is hurting from all the frowning. It's also nice to read a book which deals with someone who's in your situation; you've got a degree of varying level of importance and although you have a dream job, it's not looking like you'll be getting it anytime soon. Sometimes it's nice to be reminded that a lot (or the majority maybe even) are in that situation right after university. This is not a book which deals with any amazing character development. I will probably not remember a lot about it in a year's time. But it is definitely funny and the ending is actually really good.

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