Sunday, 1 September 2013

Week 35 - four years with Steve

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It's 1st of September! Which happens to not be my favourite month, but the month right before my favourite month. And it is officially fall now (according to me), which definitely my favourite season because I love fall so much. I am definitely one of those people who overdose on the general snuggly atmosphere involving hot drinks, warm sweaters and apple pie. Feel free to hate me but I will never change. As if all those good things weren't enough entire fall is one long countdown for Christmas season. I love Christmas time. More than the actual Christmas Day, to be honest. I'm going to stop talking about seasons now before this turns into an essay.

So I have worked for another week and it was great in every way. Monday happened to be a bank holiday and I met up with a particularly amazing friend for coffee and a shared bun. (Yes, I shared a bun. What has happened to me? Of course, to counter that one healthy act I then bought two buns to go for me and Steve.) Work was good but stressful because there was a lot to do and I ended up working until half eight in the evening on Thursday which is not common for me. I have a lot of respect for the people who manage to work 12 hour shifts on a regular basis. The work itself was not hard at all (quite fun actually!) but the tiredness set in when I got home and entire Friday felt like it should have been substituted by a good nap.

Yesterday we went to a leaving due for two friends who are going away travelling for a few months, which is a bit sad for the rest of us. The party itself was good however. Today I've felt horrendous, partly because I may have had too many drinks last night (note to self; do not drink Bacardi and tropical juice) but also because I did a kick boxing routine yesterday morning. I am rarely sore after exercising nowadays but today I can barely move my arms. Today is also mine and Steve's four year anniversary! This day, four years ago, we became a couple and I don't want to be cheesy but he's pretty great. Because of budget restrictions we couldn't go out for a fancy meal so we chose the next best option; driving to Belfast for a burrito. Seriously, these burritos outclass a lot of fancy meals that I've ever had. We may have bought a third one to share later tonight...

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