Sunday, 8 September 2013

Week 36 - insanity and hot water bottles

Images from my Instagram.

Another week of working (in the top left picture you can see the view from my office. Not too shabby!) This week was pretty good and I got a lot of work done. Work has been a bit lonely since I'm alone nearly all of the time in an office but I went out for lunch with an old classmate on Wednesday which helped. Me and Steve also started the Insanity workouts on Tuesday. (As if we didn't have enough to do.) For anyone who's not familiar with it, it's about 40 minutes of very intense cardio, six times a week for 60 days. Sounds right up my street (or not). Surprisingly enough, it's actually quite fun and exercising with a buddy (or sweaty boyfriend) makes it worth it. Despite the fact that it means sacrificing my running for a while...

On Friday I had friends over for biscuits and tea and late night chats. I also made lemon drizzle muffins which turned out horrible. I couldn't eat even one of my muffins, that's how bad they were. Obviously my guests were too polite to say so. Instead they claimed that they were too full to eat it all and brought the rest home in a napkin. Presumably straight for the bin. Overall I haven't been feeling to well this weekend and apart from a short outing last night with friends for drinks and dancing, I've spent most of the time on the couch with a hot water bottle and all that the internet can offer. The knowledge that there is less than a month left until salaries are paid is starting to make me more and more greedy. I want to start buying Christmas presents! Stuff for my house! Makeup and clothes! There is no end to the things I want. Poor Steve, it's gonna be a lean Christmas for him.

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