Sunday, 15 September 2013

Week 37 - it's basically fall now

Images from my Instagram.

This week I feel like it's become fall in a proper way. Possibly because I've spent my mornings waiting for the train and walking through a park in Belfast in the most drizzly, gray weather (see first picture) it's become more apparent than if I had been at home. Not that I mind in the least, I'm sure everyone here knows how obsessed I am with fall. And everything that comes with it, in particular; wearing boots, heating up my hands with a cup of coffee, listening to More Music September on BBC Radio 1 (which I'm usually not so fussed on but oh my god Imagine Dragon's cover of Not Giving In and most other live artists have been amazing), watching the Great British Bake-Off and counting down the days until Downton Abbey starts again, lighting the first fire of the season (eh yes, I lit it in June but it doesn't count) and seeing the Christmas scents stocking the shelves in department stores. I'm now looking for a simple way to make my house a bit more... fall-ish. I'm sorry that I become such a cliched nightmare during the change of the seasons. Or not.

On Thursday I made cookies for Friday night, which was spent with a friend drinking tea/coffee and a particularly delicious chocolate cake that she brought as well. Steve was in Belfast for a gaming night (which is basically just another word for 'an all-male, adult sleepover') so I had the house to myself all evening. The bed sheets were so neat when I woke up without Steve next to me that I'm considering never letting him sleep in the bed again. (So much time saved making the bed!) On Saturday I went out for lunch with the same friend again and then we walked around and dreamed about the stuff we would buy if we could. Orla Kiely's kitchen products tend to make me swoon. I also got two presents, a sample of Steamcream (which I tried last night and love) and a really nice peach lipstick/lipgloss. Me and Steve had an evening in with a take-away and tonight I'm seeing friends again. Insanity is still going strong but luckily for us, Sunday is a rest-day. (I don't think I could take a seventh day of doing exercise anyway.)

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