Sunday, 22 September 2013

Week 38 - making home "homey"

Images from my Instagram. 

So this was the first week of being at home again and my god, it's boring to be home. Having a lie in is no fun if you can have one everyday. (And precisely because I can have a lie in, I obviously can't. Instead I'm awake at 8am and eventually get up out of boredom.) Since I was home more I also ended up spending more time trying to make our house comfortable and ready for the new season. I ended up stomping around the trees behind Steve's parents' garden, looking for pine cones that were an appropriate size and not too dirty. I then painted them with some gold and metallic nail polish and put them in a vase. Voila. Totally autumn-esque. I also found out that on Monday there was 100 days left until Christmas and in this blog post the idea of saving £1 a day was suggested. Obviously I'm all over having money during Christmas so I found a little jar and I now put £1 in it, every day. We'll see how long it lasts because I am the worst at saving money.

I've also minded Steve's nieces and nephews, spent time with friends, cleaned the house and baked a cheesecake. The third week of Insanity is now over (it's still insane, people) and I'm still listening to Radio 1's live acts every weekday. There is clearly no such thing as too much routine for me. On Friday me and Steve babysat another pair of nephew + niece and watched the latest Star Trek movie as well since we had nothing better to do. (I thought the first half was so-so, but the second half was surprisingly good.) Last night I was out with friends as the designated driver and yet today was miserable. Instead of waking up with a slight hangover I woke up with a raging cold. Just my luck. Luckily Downton Abbey is back on TV as of today and I cannot wait for next Sunday. I've already cried four times during the first episode* and if that's not a good sign I don't know what is. *Not exaggerating, unfortunately.

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