Sunday, 29 September 2013

Week 39 - work and new haircut

Exciting things happened this week because I had a bunch of things to do at the start of the week and then before I knew it I was starting a new job (which is shift work) on Thursday. 8am-8pm both Thursday and Friday. I didn't think I could possibly be more tired when I got home on the Thursday, but I was wrong. After doing the daily 40 minutes of Insanity after a 12 hour shift, that's when I couldn't possibly have been more tired. Other than exhaustion, it was nice to be back to working again. Insanity is also still going strong and me and Steve have done four out of nine weeks now. (Now it's time for a recovery week and then we're thrown into the second month which all reviews promise is simply terrifying.)

On Saturday morning I got up early, drove to the hairdresser's and got my hair cut off. It wasn't as spontaneous and exciting as I just made it sound as I had pondered it for at least a year or more. I only told my boyfriend, one of my brothers and a friend that I was definitely doing it (just in case I'd mention it to someone who'd talk me out of it) and I have now gotten so many lovely comments from friends and family who've seen the first picture I posted online. I like it too (although not quite satisfied with the weird squirrel colour I've got going on) and it's so exciting to brush and wash my hair. It takes no time at all! Not too mention the speed with which I blow dry it. It's actually fully possible to wash my hair in the mornings now rather than sticking it into the category of "things I need to do for two hours in the evening before going to bed". So very pleased with this new lack of hair thing I've got going on...

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