Thursday, 17 October 2013

Another (geometric) Etsy wishlist

... Because you can never have too many of them, right? I feel like I've rediscovered Etsy. It's kind of true. I've discovered that you can click on a shop and see what they have favourited. (I know, I'm slow.) It has opened up a whole new world to me. And so tonight when I felt like compiling a little list on this blog (such as 'sale items from Topshop that I really want' or 'types of christmas trees') I thought I'd share a little Etsy-love instead.

1. How wonderful is this necklace from Nest Pretty Things? It's the perfect marriage between trendy and classic and I can so see this on a wintery night with a black dress.

2. Lately I've been nurturing an obsession with tea towels, which are unusually difficult to fit into our kitchen because of our colour scheme (in my opinion). But this towel from Avril Loreti has a lovely combination of soft colours and with loads of triangles that I may be addicted to.

3. It's not that I don't like our plain white mugs from IKEA. I just want prettier mugs to drink my coffee from and this mug from Alice Potter is so cute. (Triangles, check.)

4. I love a good print and recently I've been feeling all kinds of things for photography, which Etsy has loads of, fortunately. I imagine this print from Calm Shores next to a second print on our bedroom walls where black and white would look particularly good. Plus... you know how I feel about that shape by now.

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