Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Budget makeup wishlist

It has officially been ages since I posted my last makeup wishlist (of which I was birthday-gifted the Clarins primer, the Real Techniques brush and the Rimmel lipstick in case you're interested) and I feel like this is misleading. It is certainly not the case that I haven't been lusting for makeup because believe me, I have. I've just kept quiet about it. Now that a giant payday is on the horizon, all I seem to do is dream about the stuff that I want to buy. Also I'm going to work in an hour and I need to think of money to keep myself sane. Obviously my total makeup wishlist is longer than this and so I've narrowed it down into only budget items.

1 from Maybelline.
I was so close to buying this before going on holiday but I didn't and now I am battling regret-induced depression. My friend says that this is amazing, one of my favourite beauty bloggers uses this... Plus it's autumn and I need another waterproof mascara in my life. Enough said.

2 from Soap & Glory.
During a Saturday night when I spent too much time socialising with people and not enough time making sure that everything in my bag remained in my bag, I lost my face powder. At the time I didn't think I'd be able to go on living but now I have embraced the idea of trying a new one and everyone goes on about Soap & Glory One Heck of a Blot. Naturally, I want it.

3 from Rimmel.
I have decided that this will be the season when I finally get good eyebrows rather than the unruly disgrace that they currently are. Hello future (hopefully) symmetrical eyebrows.

4 from Vaseline.
This is a moisturiser dries immediately after being sprayed on and I just can't believe that this hasn't been talked about more. There is also a cocoa fragranced version that is possibly even better.

5 from Barry M.
No wishlist would be complete without a Barry M nail polish mention. I've been on a mission to get my nails strong and healthy again after the past two seasons of nail polish mania and I think I will reward myself with a new nail polish. This has a matte finish and an autumnal/winter colour which I love.

6 from Soap & Glory.
The issue with work is that I don't have time to touch up any unevenly wearing lipstick and this makes me so incredibly sad. Instead I need something which gives me colour on my lips, yet isn't high maintenance. Hello another lip crayon (I want the shade Raplumzel. Cheesy name.)

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