Thursday, 10 October 2013

Insanity Workout - 5 week update

You may have seen me ramble on about the Insanity Workouts which me and Steve do six times a week. Insanity is created by Shaun T (does anybody know his actual surname? Does he have one?) which claims that you will get "insane" results in 60 days. You receive a DVD with a bunch of workouts and a schedule to follow. The first month you do around 40 minutes of exercise per day, then you have a week of "recovery" workouts followed by your second month in which you do an hour of exercise per day. Me and Steve just finished our recovery week so we have four weeks to go and I thought I'd give you a little update on what I think so far. (OBS! I'm not posting any before/after pictures because... I don't want to show body to the entire Internet. Maybe at the end of month 2, we'll see.)

Insanity video from the Beachbody channel.

Doing exercise six times a week feels like it should take up a huge amount of your time but it's actually not that bad at all. 40 minutes of workouts slots in quite easily into my evenings, even on the days when I get home after 8pm. Shaun T is a pretty good coach despite overusing words such as "power!", "use your core!" and "force!" constantly (the amount of times me and Steve have looked at each other mid-workout and burst out laughing are too many). During a workout you mix bursts of high (and I mean high) intensity training (for three to four minutes) with 30 seconds of rest. I'm used to the exact opposite type of exercise. During the first week of Insanity I was sure that I'd never be able to complete any of the workouts without taking any unauthorised breaks but your fitness level rises a lot quicker than you'd think it would. It's a lot more noticeable with Steve who didn't exercise at all pre-Insanity (whilst I had been running for a few months). He started off taking a lot of extra water breaks and struggled doing any exercises which had a high impact on his knees. Now he can do most exercises for the full interval and at a high speed too.

When it comes to visible transformation, I've noticed a few things. First of all, my calves have become pretty huge (at least to me). I knew that they would since I seem to always have an easy time building muscles there and so it wasn't a big surprise. However, I have always had incredibly weak arms and although I notice an improvement in my arm strength I still struggle with most of the push-up activities. But I have visible arm muscles now! They're not incredibly lean (which suggests that flabby arms is hereditary) but if I tense my muscles they are definitely there. My thighs have also toned up quite a bit. The only place that I'm a little disappointed with so far is my belly. If I tense my abs I can feel them but there's definitely no signs of a six pack. (Not that I'd want a six pack but a little more definition would be nice.) Whilst I mainly wanted toning up, Steve also wanted to lose extra fat, mainly around his belly. Similarly to me he has gained a lot of muscles but I'm not sure if he's lost any fat yet (we don't weigh ourselves and he hasn't checked his measurements since the start of the month). If you're doing Insanity to lose weight I'd suggest looking into changing your diet too because a little googling tells us that a healthy diet mixed with cardio is the best way to lose belly fat.

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