Thursday, 3 October 2013

Short hair evaluation (week one)

I've had time to write two blog posts since I got my hair cut and somehow I've managed to already mention my new haircut in 100% of them. In other words it was inevitable that I was going to take pictures of it and then write an essay, analysing the pros and cons of having short hair. 

A bit of background story: I've had hair that reached down to my hips. I was thirteen years old and my mother refused to let me see a hairdresser. Obviously, that is not a sustainable situation when you're a semi-rebellious teenager and I eventually got it cut to almost mid-back length. Since then my hair has varied in length (and colour - oh dear, there is a large amount of horrific pictures of me with red stripes in brown hair) but it has never been shorter than collarbone length. The idea of having short hair always enticed me but I never seriously considered it because 1) I'm a wuss and 2) I didn't think my facial structure would suit it. About a year ago I started discussing it with random people who thought it would suit my hair and it only took me a year to book a "spontaneous" appointment with a hairdresser. I told very few people about it beforehand but I have received so many compliments from friends and acquaintances since! 

Cons - Starting with the negatives (because I like ending things on a high), there's obviously not a huge amount of things you can do with this hair. So far I've thought of three hairstyles; wavy, straight and messy. It honestly doesn't bother me at all since I was never great at doing my hair anyway (it pretty much always looked like some version of "messy") but in the interests of being fair, that is a con of short hair. Secondly, when I wake up my hair has giant tufts sticking up at the back of my hair! I never thought that me and Steve would share hair problems, but now we do. Tuft-related issues. Luckily, water and a comb sorts it out. If you have your natural hair colour you may be exasperated by the fact that you're gonna have to go to the hairdresser every 6-8 weeks now to maintain your cut but I had to do that anyway to highlight my roots.

Pros - I better keep this short but I could go on forever about the pros of short hair at the moment. Firstly, ignore any websites that say that you can't have short hair if you have any "big" facial features, as they may stand out more. Embrace those big noses, people! (Written by a fellow big-nose, the third picture is particularly unflattering.) If anything, I feel like short hair has made my face more interesting. Secondly, I've heard a lot of people say that short hair is more time-consuming than long hair but I've found it to be the opposite. Washing my hair takes five minutes (instead of 15), blow drying my hair (entirely) takes five minutes (instead of 20) and styling my hair takes two minutes (instead of anything between 10-50 minutes). The main difference is that I now have to blow dry it straight away since I'm conscious that letting my hair air dry might result in some pretty interesting hairstyles. It's still quicker than when I had long hair. Third, I hardly have to use any shampoo or conditioner (£££) and my stash of hair oils, serums and salt sprays have whittled down to two products; heat protection and a texturising spray. (Technically I only needed a heat protectant but Tresemme offered two products for £7 and so I bought the texturising spray as well.) A fourth pro of having short hair is how healthy my hair feels now. Gone are the days of having so many split ends that you're embarrassed to go to the hairdresser (oh yes, that is a true life example). Pro no five, I feel much cooler now. Obviously this may only apply to me but I still feel like it's a valid pro. 

Some last-minute advice if you're cutting your hair short: Use a website that lets you upload your photo and try different hairstyles if you're unsure of whether you suit short hair or not, bring lots of pictures to the hairdresser and be specific regarding your new style. (I explained that I wanted my hair to be a boyish, longer pixie cut with more hair on the top of my head and I got exactly what I wanted.) Also, the most important thing is that you like it so don't listen to other people too much. E.g. my boyfriend was convinced that he'd hate it but he doesn't. If people don't like it, it's not a huge deal as long as you love it. Some of you may think that it's unnecessary to think about a haircut as much as I have... But I'm also sure that there's others who are just as analysing and cautious when it comes to hair as I am, so this post is for all of you!

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