Sunday, 6 October 2013

Week 40 - happy cinnamon bun day

Images from my Instagram.

Ugh. That is how I feel right now. My mood is just 'ugh'. Partly because I've worked today and I'm working tomorrow. Not that work is particularly terrible but I had to work for twelve hours on a Sunday (how is that even legal) and I have to work for another twelve hours tomorrow. Plus I couldn't fall asleep last night so I was ridiculously tired this morning and another girl was sick so I didn't get a moment to relax today. Rant over and now that I'm lying in my comfortable bed whilst practicing the art of balancing and typing on a laptop on the stomach, life feels a lot better. Let's just recap this week.

On Monday, Wednesday and Friday I worked. The other weekdays I babysat Steve's nieces and I also made cinnamon buns (Swedish kanelbullar) which was more fitting than I realised as yesterday was actually Cinnamon Bun Day! A holiday that the rest of the world really should acknowledge. On Friday night I had a friend over for tea/coffee plus massive amounts of buns and things. On Saturday me and Steve lazied about and then we went for lunch and got cupcakes afterwards as a treat. Sometimes you just need to treat yourself and when your weekend shrinks into one day, treating yourself is even more essential. Time to go to sleep so that I'm ready for another insane day...

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