Monday, 21 October 2013

Week 42 - The Rocket and buns

All images are from my Instagram.

I have uploaded the worst photos on Instagram the past few weeks.  There was a time (when I had no job) when I uploaded almost a photo a day on Instagram but now I'm lucky if I manage even three. What can I say? There's just nothing to take photos of. Most of the time I'm in a work uniform or I'm recovering from work in pyjamas. Trust me, you don't want to see either. Oh, and this is uploaded on a Monday because I've been busy.

This week I worked, watched Steve's nieces for a little while (the first photo shows homework for the ten year old. I had to make up fractions that she'd then put into whole numbers and fractions. I was struggling more than her!) and had to walk around in pouring rain whilst holding a box of buns and therefore I went into Tesco and bought a mascara. I shouldn't have but... you know. I had to. It's the Maybelline The Rocket Waterproof mascara and it really is very good. Although the wand is huge and could potentially poke your eye out. (But until that happens you'll have great lashes.) On Saturday me and Steve went to a tiny bakery and had a fry and coffee for breakfast. Only in Northern Ireland can you get a crazily big, unhealthy but delicious meal for £4. It's exactly the type of thing I prioritise when living abroad.

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