Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Week 44 & 45 - back to blogging

All images are from my Instagram. 

I can't believe that we're almost halfway through November and I haven't even uploaded these last few pictures from October. About two weeks ago I celebrated getting my first full salary in aaaages by spending a full day in Belfast. I bought two new mugs, as you can see, two knitted sweaters, a dress and some makeup. Plus socks, face cloths, christmas presents etc. I also tried on the gray coat above from Zara which was a complete bargain (only £30). I've wanted a gray, slightly over sized coat for a while now and I got as far as standing in line at the till (...) when I buckled and put it back. Got home, instantly regretted it and went on to their website only to found out that it was sold out in my size. Yesterday I went back to Belfast, went to Zara and found out that they don't have the coat left in my size there either! The sales assistant told me that it was okay and that the online shop had gotten stock back in. I went home. There is no sign of the coats online. I am crushed. That coat is haunting me, please just give me that coat.

Rant about coat over.

Halloween has been celebrated (Steve went as Pikachu and I went as his Pokemon trainer, Ash. It was a nostalgic nod to our long-lost childhoods), I've been working a lot as per usual, the first few Christmas gifts have been bought and my brain is in full Christmas-mode. I can't look at a corner in my home without instantly imagining it with Christmas decor. This is obviously accompanied by the usual holiday tradition tension between me and Steve regarding our Christmas decor. I believe that decorating the house is to make it Christmas-sy and nice. Steve is of the opinion that it's supposed to look tacky and sort of ugly (and not in the trendy way, his own words). What is wrong with that man? Luckily I'm going to win by simply decorating the house when he's not home and hiding the leftover decorations. He's too lazy to redecorate it himself (who knew laziness was a perk in boyfriends!)

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