Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Week 47 - brief sweden trip

All images from my Instagram

I went to Sweden! It was a surprise visit for my brother who had an important birthday to celebrate. I told my mom that me and Steve wanted to go to Sweden about a month ago and I mentioned that this was the only weekend that the tickets were cheap enough for us to go. She then told me that she was organising a surprise birthday party for my brother and so I decided to invite myself to it. It was difficult to keep it quiet (mainly because we worried that others would take about it on social media) but somehow it worked and he had absolutely no idea what was happening. It was approximately the best thing ever. We all had wine and beer and it was a great evening.

We arrived late on Thursday night and left around noon on the Monday so I really tried to cram in as much as possible during my trip. I visited my granny and then I took a little trip up the country to my late granny's flat and to see all my cousins. It was nice. A less nice event was when we hit a deer on our way back and got stuck on the motorway for ages. There was nothing we could do to avoid the collision but thankfully no one in the car got hurt. I'm thankful to now be back in the land without deer. These next few days I'm planning to get a little rest, do some cleaning and then get my Christmas decorations up. Just in time for working the entire weekend. Bring on Monday next week...

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