Thursday, 19 December 2013

10 reasons to smile 19.0

Image from my Pinterest.

one - I finished work today! I will never ever have to go back to this place and it hasn't properly sunk in yet.

two - I am off for two weeks now. Christmas holidays and all that jazz. First on my list of things to do; have a super long lie-in, clean this house and bake.

three - There's less than a week left until Christmas. Enough said.

four - My "main" Christmas gift to Steve is basically a gift to myself (but that he has explicitly said that he really wants, so it's okay. I'm not a horrible person) but obviously we're still pretending that it's a surprise so I can't say anything about it yet.

five - When I was in Sweden my mom gave me a book (with a free insult as she implied that I needed to "practice my Swedish". Thanks mom.) about an unlikely romance. Because I was busy reading multiple books at that point I only started reading it the other day. I love when you randomly find a book that's actually pretty good.

six - Christmas Eve dinner menu is coming along nicely. (Can you tell that me and Steve plan this type of stuff way too much?)

seven - This morning there was definitely snow falling from the sky. In the land of everlasting rain a two minute pseudo snow storm is the definition of two pretty good minutes.

eight - My mom told me that she has sent a package from Sweden and I am a sucker for surprises. Obviously I have blown it way out of proportions and now I think it'll be something absolutely amazing (my brain: SHIPPING KITTENS IS NOT IMPOSSIBLE) but part of the anticipation is just the thrill of opening packages I think.

nine - Because of sickness I haven't actually exercised in about ten days (last time I took a break as long as this my family was over visiting) so I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things now that I am off. I never thought I'd get to the stage where I miss exercise, but I kind of do.

ten - My mission at the moment (I clearly lead an interesting life) is to drink less coffee and more (decaf) tea. This is mainly to calm my body which goes insane as soon as I have anything slightly unhealthy a little bit too often but an unexpected bonus is that I can have a hot drink right before bedtime. I am a believer in routines (morning routines, winding down routines, they're all important) and a cup of tea at bedtime is an obvious winner for cosy nights in.

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